All of you who made the most of this platform with your posts and projects 😍 Thank you from the bottom of my Slacker heart. We have big plans for Dribdat - stay tuned!

2 months ago ~ oleg

Devβ€˜s managed to link @BGE_ATF, just in time for the presentation with live demo. Thx Colin, Daniel, Martin, Michael, Ewelina, Magdalena, Jim, Thomas, Christian and Koray!

2 months ago ~ Apollo

We explored a GitHub repo for BBS+ signatures ( to start our PoC. However, we found it lacks blind signing and commitment generation functions. Switched to hyperledger/aries-bbssignatures-rs for complete functionalities.

2 months ago ~ Vejsa

First results from testing prototypes

2 months ago ~ evsuter

  Remember to thank your team/challenge/data provider - and feel free to ask our man for a professional team photo as a keepsake!

2 months ago ~ oleg

  Getting the most out of our coffee - nearly done!

2 months ago ~ Ulrich

Fresh minds (and coffee) pushing things forward. The projected launch of a productive is only a few hours ahead…

2 months ago ~ Apollo

Join a project to share your progress!

* dribs n. pl.: in small amounts, a few at a time