Morning Checkin: 2 prototypes almost ready for testing for proof of concept: A) local running program, Python-based, tagword-based vs. B) OpenAI/LLM-based program

TO DO: A) test run 2 prototypes to compare B) Check license agreements for Infinity C) Prepare Presentation

2 months ago ~ evsuter

  A HuggingChat conversation about the terms of use of a Swiss website, with help from

2 months ago ~ oleg

  Added and additional references for mad prompting skills

2 months ago ~ oleg

120,000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way.

2 months ago ~ flo
  • getting introduction to LLM
  • working on 2 alternative solution approaches (vector based, tag based)
2 months ago ~ evsuter

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* dribs n. pl.: in small amounts, a few at a time